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Sunday, 28 April 2019

Proteins hold key to healthy babies

   Proteins hold key to healthy babies 2019

        Bengaluru researchers estimate nutritional requirements for pregnant women
Eating for two is a common way women look at nourishment all through pregnancy show that a diet with relatively more protein is needed during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy for the growth and development of the baby.
This facility was used to arrive at estimates of protein requirements in 38 urban well-nourished middle class Indian pregnant women who had normal pregnancies and delivered babies of an average birth weight of 3 Kg.
For a gestational weight gain of 10kg pregnant Indian women should eat an additional 7.6 grams and 17.6 grams of protein per day during the second 3 – 6 months and third trimester 6 – 9 months respectively the researchers found.Related image
The energy requirement during the same period of pregnancy (about an additional 350 kCal/day) it is clear that the extra food that a pregnant women must eat should be high quality in term of its protein content such as milk and milk products ;dal rice and dal blends; eggs ,fish and meat.Image result for protein dal mlk

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