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Friday, 3 May 2019

Mangoes and bananas are fattening

Truth is : these fruits are powerhouse of nutrients and are not the reason you are gaining weight. Sample this a single mango (at 200-250 grams ) will give you 150 to 175 kcals, but a single piece of cake will go upto 350 kcal and a plate of six paani puris will give you 400 kcal. People think pani puri is light and do not take into account the oil absorbed by one small puri. Mangoes are seasonal fruits and both are high on fibre. The former has vitamin a (a precursor to beta carotene and is antioxidant-rich) and C that helps build immunity. Mangoes do have high levels of sugar, which can be a concern for those who have diabetes, but ,A small portion can be eaten, depending on sugar levels. Even this quantity with skin provides a good amount of fiber. 
Image result for banana and mango

Image result for banana and mango

. I says the banana is one of the easiest snacks to consumer: it is pre-packaged with B6, magnesium and potassium. The point is anything that’s not eaten in moderation gets stored as fats. And even if you are very strict about eating just right, if you don’t work out, you’re not burning as much as you should. So eat the fruit in moderation, and then go for a walk.

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